Concrete Mixes

Ready mixed concrete is provided in many different grades and specifications, dependent on the individual project requirements.

Foundation concrete, concrete for footings or for the slab (floor) of a house under construction is widely seen on plans or requirements for building work. The strength of concrete and the amount of cement added is dependent on the specific job in hand. Cement, sand, aggregates (stone) and the vital water element go into producing ready mixed concrete, the more cement added to the menu/recipe determines the strength obtained.

Whatever your requirements Waltons Concrete Ltd can meet your requirements.
Removing the need to make part load charges, customers can place approximate orders and have the precise quantity and consistency they require mixed in-situ.

The computerised control unit records the detail of every delivery and issues a printed ticket.

The mixing and delivery method ensures precise control of output. This offers users the options of placement ranging from the use of barrows or mechanical shovels and direct pours in most access situations.


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