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Walton's ready mixed concrete is delivered on the latest specialist volumetric mixers.  As this machine mixes dry ingredients on the spot, the concrete arrives fresh on site; this allows us to supply you with different specifications of mix during one delivery if required.

First, sand and aggregate fall onto a conveyor belt that passes under calibrated strike off gates, and then under the cement bin. A vane feeder meters the exact amount of cement onto the aggregate.

The conveyor then deposits the dry materials into the continuous mixing chamber. Here metered amounts of water and admixtures if used are introduced.

The mixer rapidly blends the ingredients in an inclined tube using a steel- bladed auger. Materials enter the lower end and the mixed concrete is dispensed at the discharge end. Mixing is continuous, producing a steady or intermittent flow of concrete, depending on placement needs.

At any time during production the operator can shut off the mixer and material feed system to stop production or change the mix design. Because only a small amount of material remains in the mixing chamber, mix changes can be made with little or no waste.

Our use of the very latest technology enables us to provide exactly what you need when you need it resulting in minimal waste and a better price for our customers.


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